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Bug#292530: Should configure inittab for sercon if network-console is used

tags 292530 + pending

On Thursday 27 January 2005 18:29, Frans Pop wrote:
> > While installing with a serial console, it would be fine to have
> > the matching inittab line enabled, so that I'm able to use
> > the machine later on.
> This is because you used network-console.
> I have cloned your report for this issue. I've also prepared a patch
> which I will test and commit.

I've committed a patch to SVN for this issue.

The patch is fairly straightforward and I have tested both a normal 
installation (i386) and an installation over serial console using 
network-console (sparc U10).
In both cases the /etc/inittab turned out as expected.

I think this patch could be considered for Sarge.


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