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Bug#292533: debian-installer-manual doesn't mention the requirement for "ar" from the binutils package

Package: debian-installer-manual

I am installing debian sarge from these directions:

I am using zipslack as the host unix OS to install debian.

The chapter is:
"C.4. Installing Debian GNU/Linux from a Unix/Linux System"=20

This is a minor detail, BUT the requirements for "debootstrap"
say only "/bin/sh" and "wget".

There is also the requirement for the "ar" command from the
binutils package that stop the script before it was finished.

I installed the binutils package for slackware and the=20
script completed just fine.

Anyways I think that it should be mentioned that there are 3=20
requirements. "sh, wget , AND ar"

Paul Wisehart
Application Support Engineer
e: pwisehart@techtarget.com
p: 781 657 1486
f: 781 657 1100

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