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Re: Fixing spelling errors in English templates

Quoting Matt Kraai (kraai@ftbfs.org):
> Howdy,
> I'd like to fix the spelling errors in the English templates found at
>  http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/spellcheck/
> Are these strings frozen?  May I fix them on the trunk?  On the sarge
> branch?

This needs manual processing of translations.

Here, the fact that some languages use a "master file" and some other
do not does not help at all, unfortunately.

Let's assume you fix a typo in package <foo> : "immediate" was spelled

The needed operations are:

0 ask me to stop l10n-sync on gluck
1 go to <foo>/debian/po
2 mkdir NEW
3 for i in *po ; do cat $i | sed 's/immediate/imediate/g' >NEW/$i ; done
4 mv NEW/*po .
5 rmdir NEW
6 cd ..
7 <edit the *templates file and remove the typo>
8 debconf-updatepo
9 go to po and test one previously complete files:
  msgfmt -o /dev/null --statistics fr.po
  It *has* to remain complete
A go to <d-i root>/packages/po and repeat 2 to 5
B commit the whole stuff and cross fingers

2 to 5 must be done very carefully : the "sed" method is quite gory
and you have to be sure, of course, that the string you replace does
not also occur in one of the translations...The use of "msgfilter",
which can be restricted to msgids may be better but it's not often
worth reading its man page..:-)

If unsure, just mention the typos here and we'll deal with them

I guess these must go into the sarge branch as well. At this moment,
the templates are identical in both branches, except for packages
which are not yet in the sarge branch.

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