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Bug#292276: debian-installer: split components into separate packages

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 03:28, Charles Fry wrote:
> It would be very cool if some of the debian-installer components were
> split out into separate packages, allowing their use in other custom
> installers (such as fai).
> Some components which stand out as being generally useful are
> hw-detect, netcfg, partman, autopartkit, base-installer,
> bootloader-installer.

Not sure what you mean exactly. All these _are_ separate packages.
Some are even subdivided (like partman and the bootloader installers) 
because you don't need all possible bootloaders on all architectures.

Here are some links for you:

The only issue may be that these components (udebs) are designed to 
operate in a certain environment, provided by other debian-installer 
components. So most of the components have dependencies on other (less 
visible) components.

The source for components can of course be found in our SVN repository.


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