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Re: Re: Fixing spelling errors in English templates

While we're on the subject:

I'm working on a way to exclude master file from spellchecking when
needed. This has to be done in order to get the right count of
occurrences of an unknown word, and to make sure that translators
don't get confused and tempted to fix a typo both in the master file
and in the po files.

I noticed that it's possible to encounter three different situations I
have to deal with:

1) some languages have only po files (Italian is an examples)
2) most languages have both po files and master file
3) "ga" is the only languages which has master file and no po files

My idea is to work on the $LANG_all.txt file which contains all and only
the translated strings;

* if it contains only one file, I'll leave it unchanged
* if it contains more files, I look for the master file and if is
  found I remove it

I'd like to test this carefully before committing it.


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