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Re: kernel abiname transition and security updates status

On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 04:13:17PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> powerpc
>  	No abiname. 2.4 not updated. 2.6 updated, debs in testing;
> 	udebs updated.
> 	[If powerpc 2.4 is not updated with the security fixes soon, I
> 	will probably not let it block a d-i rc3 release.]

Ah, well, i really need to do the build, and this WE seems the perfect moment
for that :)

That said, even if 2.4 is not updated, it doesn't seem all that problematic
for rc3, since powerpc defaults to 2.6 anyway, and the only reason i see of
keeping 2.4 is for the powerpc miboot oldworld floppies. Current situation is :

  pmac newworld : both 2.4 and 2.6 works, 2.6 is prefered.
  pmac oldworld - miboot : 2.4 works for sure (could it install a 2.6 kernel ?)
	2.6 works some times and other not in an undeterministic way.
	=> that said, the rc releases are built from sarge, and thus without
	miboot anyway, right ?
  pmac oldworld - bootx : 2.4 and 2.6 work, 2.6 works perfectly.
  pmac oldworld - coff OF booting : no real idea about this one. only 2.6 i think.
  prep : only 2.6 kernel work. 
  pegasos2 : both 2.4 and 2.6 work, 2.6 is preffered, has been ages since i did a 2.4 test
  pegasos1 : saddly need a 2.4 kernel as the 2.6 initrd is too big. I hope to
        have an OF update soon though.
  chrp/ibm-rs6k - powerpc : am not aware of 2.4 report, 2.6 works.
  chrp/ibm-rs6k - power3 : am not aware of 2.4 report, probably won't work, 2.6 works.
  chrp/ibm-rs6k - power4 : am not aware of 2.4 report, probably won't work, 2.6 works.
  pmac newworld G5 : 2.6 is needed.
  apus : <10 machines left, but only 2.4 for now.
  pmac nubus : not yet supported, some unofficial builds, 2.4 build only

On a side note, an upload of prep-installer will propulse the prep subarch to
fully supported status. prep-installer needs some work though.

Hope this helps,


Sven Luther

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