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Re: Keyboard preseed for X

On Monday 17 January 2005 23:06, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:
> http://people.debian.org/~markos/console_x_map.txt

I still miss support for the Dutch keymap in this file :-(

Did you see my comments in my mail 11/01/05 18:04 to d-i18n?

> I used the maps in console-data/debian/udeb/console-keymaps-*.
> I saw no specific dutch, nor us_intl keymap there. Actually, nl_NL
> uses 'us' and nl_BE uses 'be'. I could not find where us_intl is
> used.

Hmmm. The problem with these lists is that they only have the default 
keymap to use for a language. However, that does not mean a user can't 
choose another keymap from the lists shown by kbd-chooser.

The list for AT does (for example) include a Dutch keymap:

AFAICT, the full lists of available keymaps are listed in the templates 
installed from the various console-keymaps-*.udeb. They are build from 
console-data (which I know nothing about; maybe Christian can tell you 

Christian followed up on this with:
Not only. The udebs leave some keymaps which are either considered
obsolete or not used at all, but are kept in console-data most often
for backward compatibility issues.

However, as l-c main objective is covering what happens when a user
chooses a keymap when installing Debian, restricting it to keymaps
listed in the udeb's templates is a good idea. This will save you from
tracking down information for keymaps which are indeed nearly never


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