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network-console preseeding


I want to create a automated netboot installation that allows
to continue installation over SSH. So I was told on #debian-boot to preseed 
like this:

d-i  anna/choose_modules  multiselect  network-console

Then I've learned that this won't work, because if it is downloaded from the
net, it will not be executed as it is inserted into the menu before the step
that loads it (#288053).

So, I'm wondering two things:
1.  does the same apply if I use preseeding with preseed/file=/hd-media... ?
2.  I was also told that initrd-preseed works in trunk now - is it likely to 
be included in rc3 ? ("no" as an answer is (ok, almost...) as fine as "yes", 
I do understand why...)

 Holger (thanks to Kamion and Frans Pop for hints+help)

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