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Keyboard preseed for X

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I was talking to sjoerd on #gnome-debian about keyboard setup just after
the Debian Instalation, and he said he got the us keyboard on GNOME even
though he had selected the british keymap on install time.

This reminded me that my last sarge install gave me my X setup using
abnt2 instead of us_intl, which it even auto-detected successfuly at
install time. The console keymap is correctly configured, so I went to
investigate. fjp told me on #debian-boot that localization-config was
the responsible for the preseeding and I got its source code.

The way it works today, it is mapping locale names to keyboard setups,
so you have:

'pt_BR' => { LAYOUT => 'br', XKBOPTIONS => '', XKBMODEL => 'abnt2', XKBVARIANT => 'abnt2' },

(I don't even think we need a XKBVARIANT here for abnt2, but then...)

So I was thinking about hacking on localization-config so that it will
use the debconf key obtained during installation to set up the keyboard
and map that one to the keyboard setup for X instead. The debconf
question is answered like this on my new install:

Name: debian-installer/keymap
Template: debian-installer/keymap
Value: br-latin1
Owners: base-config, d-i, unknown

So I would map br-latin1 to pc105/us_intl and br-abnt2 to abnt2/br. Does
this make sense? Does it make sense for locales other than pt_BR? That
would, of course, help those who would like to have the system display
messages in pt_BR and use a 'us' keymap or other keymaps.


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