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Re: [D-I] Result of the 'poll' : how to organise communication among Debian Installer translators

Quoting Arief S Fitrianto (arief@gurame.fisika.ui.ac.id):

> Is there any place to send the translated po beside send it directly to
> Christian?? I won't fill out his mailbox with my mail ;). Or, just send to
> this list is enough?

Just send it privately to me should be enough for me to take care of
putting the updates in the appropriate places, or send the relevant
bug reports.

As a temporary solution, this is probably the best thing to do.

I'm slowly thinking about using either Ubuntu's Rosetta or
translate.org Pootle as a possible work place for some teams...but
this needs to be discussed first, both among translators and with
other d-i developers.

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