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Re: [D-I] More conclusions of the poll

--- Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> fa (Persian) : I now consider the coordination seat vacant and the
>                translation effort stucked
>                Arash did not answer to my mails since months
> 	       Ossama Khayat from Arabeyes is trying to bring his
> 	       brother in for taking over this job but this will
> 	       probably need some time.
> 	       Some technical issues (missing characters) still have
> 	       to be solved
> 	       Level of worryness: high

I talked to my brother two days ago. He's still planning the work and getting
used to Debian before starting the actuall work. But, I can say he'll hopefully
take care of this issue.
I'll keep you posted, or ask the leader of his team to be subscribed here.

- Ossama

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