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Re: Create software raid array during install, error when filesystems is created.

On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 10:37:38PM +0100, Bj?rn Nilsson wrote:
> Thank you for looking into this issue.
> What you describe is what I was trying to do. Did not quite understand
> the basic concepts of RAID I guess, but now I think I get it.
> What I did:
> I marked the newly created RAID0 volume and pressed enter, and I got a
> question if I wanted to create a new partiton table on it, and what
> type it should be. Options was "msdos" and a whole bunch of other
> types (this menu coming up is a bug?).

Yes, possibly.

The way to do it is you partition your disk as normal, and mark the
partition as a RAID volume. Then, after completing partitioning, you
configure RAID, creating your RAID device. You then create a filesystem on
it, or use it as a physical volume for LVM. If you do the latter, you then
create your VG(s) from the PV, and then create LV(s) from your VG(s) and
then create filesystems on your LV(s).
> I then created partitions on the RAID0 volume (hda1, hda5, hda6 etc)
> and this being possible is a bug too?

Possibly. I haven't put a lot of thought into it at the moment, I was more
concerned about setting you straight on how it should be done. Clearly, if
partman's allowing you do stuff that is Plain Wrong (tm) it's a deficiency
in the interface if not a bug.
Hope this helps.



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