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Re: Create software raid array during install, error when filesystems is created.

Thank you for looking into this issue.

What you describe is what I was trying to do. Did not quite understand
the basic concepts of RAID I guess, but now I think I get it.

What I did:
I marked the newly created RAID0 volume and pressed enter, and I got a
question if I wanted to create a new partiton table on it, and what
type it should be. Options was "msdos" and a whole bunch of other
types (this menu coming up is a bug?).

I then created partitions on the RAID0 volume (hda1, hda5, hda6 etc)
and this being possible is a bug too?

I tried this again this weekend and then I didnt create a partition
table on the RAID0 volume, I only changed the "filesystem type" from
the default (which I think was LVM) to ReiserFS, set the mount point
to "/", and then I could proceed creating the filesystem.

And all was well... For a bit...

GRUB failed to install in the MBR, but that is probably just the known
bug #251905. (which can be resolved by having a separate non-RAID
/boot). Didnt find time to try that but I probably will soon.


On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 12:28:54 +1100, Andrew Pollock <apollock@debian.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 10:07:48PM +0100, Bj?rn Nilsson wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have 2 equally sized IDE PATA disks.
> > I created a partition covering the whole drive on each disk, the
> > partition type was "raid".
> > I created a software RAID0 array, and in turn created partitions on it
> > and set them to ReiserFS.
> So you created one big RAID partition, and then made partitions in it? This
> is contrary to the way RAID on Linux works, and if partman allowed you to do
> it, that's a bug, and explains what happened next...
> > In the next step, When the filesystem are supposed to be created a get
> > a red screen telling me: " Failed to create ReiserFS part1 on RAID0-
> > unit0". If i swich to the third virtual console i see this messsage:
> > "Stat of the device /dev/md/0/part1" failed.
> >
> >
> > I have tried RAID1 also, ext3 instead of Reiser. Also tried to use the
> > LVM to set up a volume group and so on, all with about the same
> > result, failure when creating file system.
> >
> > So I installed on just 1 drive as normal, and that worked fine
> > (impressive stuff with the hw autodetection btw!)
> >
> > I have tried with rc2 and nightly build from 2005-01-05, same result
> >
> > I read some problems with lilo or grub when using software raid, but
> > that seems unrelated becouse this is well before any bootloader is
> > installed.
> >
> If you want to do what you've described, you'll need to put LVM over the top
> of the RAID0 volume, and create multiple logical volumes out of it, and
> treat them as you would partitions.
> regards
> Andrew
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