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Bug#282588: RAID-Installation failed


I made another test.

Plain PC, one hard disk. 

Initiated with the debian boot floppies, used
ftp.de.debian.org as the mirror.

With the partition tool, I made two partitions:

- 1 GB    hda1
- 10 GB   hda2

Both configured as RAID partitions.

I then installed RAID1 devices, 
one for swap, with hda1 (second device missing), 
and one as / with hda2 (second device missing).

The debian installer installs everything perfect, 
mounts /dev/md/1 to install the debian system, 
everything works. Until reboot.

When rebooting, the system says immediately, that
it doesn't understand partition type 0xfd and can't

I then tried it again and made two similar partitions,
but this time I made the RAID/data partition the first
and the RAID/swap partition the second (The system 
didn't allow to make an md device out of the second
RAID partition, but this is another problem).

This time the machine bootet properly.

So it seems to be a problem with the configuration 
of grub if the first partition is a RAID containing
the swap. This works under normal conditions, because
I had configured the system manually this way and it 


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