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Bug#282588: RAID-Installation failed

On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 01:44:26PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> AFAIK raid is fully supported by the initrd installed by the installer.
> At least I've put root on raid several times and it worked for me. I
> think we need more details about how it didn't work for you.

Configuration went very well, but when rebooting the 
kernel complained that it doesn't know how to handle
partition type fd (RAID). I didn't have the time to 
find the details, therefore I reinstalled the machine without
raid, made a new kernel with RAID built in and then 
installed the raid manually. 

The kernel did not know what to do with fd partitions 
and aborted, so either the kernel could not get the
ramdisk from a raid partition or the ramdisk didn't
plug in the raid1 module properly. 

As far as I remember there is a problem with 
raid as module: The kernel might not detect partitions 
by itself and need an explicit call, as done by the 
debian raid package in /etc/init.d

To reproduce the problem, simply install a 
machine (doesn't need a second disk, just 
make a raid-1 out of a single partition, second
missing) with the current debian floppies and 
wait for the reboot. Machine will not boot.
But I don't remember whether the machine hung
before or after accessing the ramdisk. Sorry, 
have no test machine available at the moment.


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