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Bug#282588: RAID-Installation failed

Package: installation-reports

Debian-installer-version: 20041118


I just installed a machine with the most recent installation 
floppy set (continuing with ftp.de.debian.org as the online
debian mirror).

I was quite happy to see that the installer supports the 
configuration of software RAID devices from the first installation and 
made use of it. But then the auto-installed 2.4 kernel did not boot
because it did not know how to treat RAID partitions. RAID is
obviously not compiled into the kernel. Since at this stage of
installation it is not possible to modify the ramdisk, I had to 
completely restart the installation.

Therefore I propose one of three solutions:

- Print a warning that the system can't boot from RAID with 
  this kernel

- Have the maintainer of the kernel packages compile them with 
  RAID built in

- Include the raid modules in the initial ramdisk.


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