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Bug#283095: debian-installer: want to use preexisting partitions without data loss

Quoting Geert Stappers (stappers@stappers.nl):

> > a well visible option to mount existing partitions without having them 
> > reformatted would be nice. If memory servers there was such an option in the 
> > old installer.
> The E-mail from Christian Perrier does explain how it can be done.

I have to mention that I hesitated some time before closing the bug. 

Friedemann took care of reporting the issue so I didn't want to sound
rude though I indeed think that the issue may be more minor than
Friedemann imagined.

In my opinion, users who may want to re-use existing partition are
most often clever enough for finding a way to do what they want.

However, we can imagine that choosing the "Use existing free space"
choice in partman-auto could trigger the choice of re-using one of the
existing partitions.

There may be something to dig here...post-sarge..:-)

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