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Bug#283095: debian-installer: want to use preexisting partitions without data loss

On Fri, Nov 26, 2004 at 08:00:01PM +0100, Friedemann Schorer wrote:
> Hi :-)
Hello :D

> Am Freitag, 26. November 2004 19:33 schrieben Sie:
> > And what do you expect that should be changed?
> a well visible option to mount existing partitions without having them 
> reformatted would be nice. If memory servers there was such an option in the 
> old installer.

The E-mail from Christian Perrier does explain how it can be done.

Making it a "well visible option" is something different.

If you see possibillities how it can be done,
then let us[1] know.

Geert Stappers

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