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Re: how to install extra packages through proseeding

I use base-config/late_command for installing extra packages.
That's just what I mean "post installation scripting", which is the term used in Redhat kickstart. I made some testings today with the following steps.

1. Do a manual aptitude installation of wanted packages

2. Grab /var/log/aptitude and grep those packages names
      grep '\[INSTALL\]' /var/log/aptitude|awk '{print $2}' > aptitude-pkgs

3. Put this package file on a local web server and instert the following line into the preseed file. base-config base-config/late_command string wget -pkgs -O /tmp/aptitude-pkgs; cat /tmp/aptitude-pkgs | xargs aptitude -y install

4. Grab package installation answers from 'debconf-get-selections' and put'em into preseed file. I only used those for Samba, LDAP(libnss-ldap, libpam-ladap) and Tripwire.

5. Reboot the machine and do a preseeded install.

So far 99% the installation went well. One interruption is a prompt asking for changing nssswitch.conf, which I have no idea of what answer to give in preseed, since the prompt says "nssswitch.conf can not be automatically managed". The other is tripwire asking for passphrases, even though answers already given in the preseed file.

The method I chose seems mostly work, but I am eager to know if any better solutions available. Oringinally I thought directly using apt-get might be OK, but eventrually go the aptitude way in hope of putting answers in preseed file may work. Actually, using the procedure above, tasksel is no longer necessary.



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