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Re: how to install extra packages through proseeding

> So far 99% the installation went well. One interruption is a prompt 
> asking for changing nssswitch.conf, which I have no idea of what answer 
> to give in preseed, since the prompt says "nssswitch.conf can not be 
> automatically managed". The other is tripwire asking for passphrases, 

This is probable a bloody note shown at too hgh priority. Probably
file a bug against the package asking for removal (or priority
lowering) of the note and mention this is debconf abuse.

> even though answers already given in the preseed file.

For tripwire, this is probably because its config script "forgets"
about previous  set value, which is a Bad Thing. Again, file a bug
report against the package.

We need to hunt these bad debconf usage which break d-i automation.

Anyway, you should probably try to set debconf priority to critical,
which will help in avoiding such cases.

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