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Bug#282763: Installation report amd64 (gcc-3.4)

Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Joey Hess wrote:
> >
> >I thought EFI was only an ia64 thing. Strange. Could you send a tarball
> >of /var/log/debian-installer/ from the installed system so I can try to
> >see why it was doing EFI stuff?
> >
> See attachment.

From the d-i status file:

Package: partman-efi
Status: install ok unpacked
Depends: parted-udeb, partman
Description: Add to partman support for EFI boot partitions

I conclude that the unofficial amd64 archive is broken or someone is doing
something strange putting this udeb in it. And what's up with the .amd64
version numbering? Note that the current released version of this package is

see shy jo

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