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Bug#282404: typo in netconfig (wireless), problem w/ acpi

clone 282404 -1 
reassign -1 netcfg
severity -1 important

On Sunday 21 November 2004 22:53, Marc Bauer wrote:
> Problems:
> =========
> After the first reboot the wireless card is incorrectly configured due
> to a typo in /etc/network/interfaces:
>         wireless-mode adhoc
> needs to be
>         wireless-mode ad-hoc
> (note the dash)
> additionally the essid is set to "any":
>         wireless-essid any
> although I configured it during install with my local essid.
> Well, at least my card needs to have the essid to be configured
> in order to work correctly.

Cloning the report to netcfg for these issues.

> Comments:
> =========
> ----
> It would be nice to be able to integrate a ntfs partition
> during partioning (only fat16 and fat32 offered as options)

What do you mean "integrate"? Would you like to install to an ntfs 
ntfs is supported only as far as you can resize an existing ntfs partition 
to make space on your disk without purging the 'other' OS. Also the other 
OS will be recognized and added as an option during installation of the 
boot loader.

> Resizing of the ntfs partition worked w/o problems - but
> I had to ask google where to find that option.

Alternatively, you could have read our installation manual...
You did resize ntfs using the resize option for an existing in the 
installer itself, right?


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