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Bug#282404: typo in netconfig (wireless), problem w/ acpi


It would be nice to be able to integrate a ntfs partition
during partioning (only fat16 and fat32 offered as options)

What do you mean "integrate"? Would you like to install to an ntfs partition?

No, just selecting a mount point for the ntfs partition without further touching it (no reformatting/changing partition type). But only fat16 and fat32 are offered and I was afraid that would delete my data.

I just changed my fstab to have it now mounted during boot:
/dev/hda2	/windows	ntfs	defaults	0	0

So that's just what I intended to get automagically done ;)

ntfs is supported only as far as you can resize an existing ntfs partition to make space on your disk without purging the 'other' OS. Also the other OS will be recognized and added as an option during installation of the boot loader.

Yes, that worked fine.

Resizing of the ntfs partition worked w/o problems - but
I had to ask google where to find that option.

Alternatively, you could have read our installation manual...

I did. But it is nearly invisible hidden in section Partitioning Your Disks:

"One thing which might not be very obvious at a first glance is that you can resize the partition by selecting the item displaying the size of the partition."

Maybe it should be a short paragraph in its own subsection? Lot's of people will like to resize the preinstalled "other" system.

The descrpition in Chapter "3.5. Pre-Partitioning for Multi-Boot Systems" is misleading:

"In general, changing a partition with a file system already on it will destroy any information there."

Imho it should read like: "Usually works well but make a backup".

You did resize ntfs using the resize option for an existing in the installer itself, right?

I did and it worked flawlessly - and that's a big plus. Reinstalling Windows on a laptop tends to be painful.

Thank you for your time :)


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