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Bug#281907: Install report

Andrew Phillips wrote:
> I get video corruption right after the preseed is downloaded.  This goes 
> away after changing consoles.  Could be just this box, haven't tried 
> others.

IIRC someone else reported this and he was preseeding something that was
not wise to preseed, but I forget what.

> I can't seem to get exim to configure if preseeded.  What I want is this, 
> but I've tried other combinations with a similar non-result.  Sorry I 
> can't describe this better.  I haven't had much luck configuring it by
> hand (not using preseed) during the install either.

I guess if you can't get it to do whatever you want by hand, you'll have
a hard time getting it to work preseeded..

> locale.gen doesn't get filled with the locale list I preseed.  This is 
> really annoying because I need en_CA.*, en_US.* and fr_CA.* to work.
> Maybe this isn't supposed to work?

This is because its config script parses /etc/locale.gen, sets
locales/locales_to_be_generated to what is found there, and asks the
question. This is good for reconfiguring noticing manual changes to the
file, but it does make preseeding impossible. I think we could get the
best of both worlds if the script noticed if this was the first install
of locales and did not look at the file then.

> The following partman recipe should create /boot, / and swap as primary 
> partitions, only the first two are created as primary.  This is forgivable
> though. :)

Maybe it doesn't support swap on a primary partition. Since none of the
standard recipes try to do that, it would be an easy oversight.

> It would be nice if the preseed overwrote the already selected country, 
> when grabbing it from a URL.

You can do that, the thing is that one variable goes into countrychooser
and it is converted into some other debconf variables. So you have to
preseed those. I forget what they are, but you can find them in the
source or in debconf-get-selections --installer after an install.

> I'm using this to get the proxy into apt.conf.  Don't know if it's still 
> needed, as I saw a bug related to this that was recently closed.
> base-config     base-config/early_command       string test -f /etc/apt/apt.conf || echo 'Acquire::http::Proxy "http://whxs4.dart.ns.ec.gc.ca:3128";;' > /etc/apt/apt.conf

This should no longer be necessary.

> It would be nice to preseed additional APT sources and packages to install
> so I don't have to use this late_command:
> base-config     base-config/late_command        string echo >> /etc/apt/sources.list && echo 'deb http://phillipsa.dart.ns.ec.gc.ca/~andrew/debian-ec/apt unstable/' >> /etc/apt/sources.list && echo 'deb-src http://phillipsa.dart.ns.ec.gc.ca/~andrew/debian-ec/apt unstable/' >> /etc/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get --yes install ec-standard

Yeah, I may add something for that post sarge. On the other hand, the
late_command does work, and I've been thinking of ways to beef up its
interface so it's easier to use (not needing everything on one line).

> Being able to add additional tasks through preseed would be nice to do
> too. This would help with the above.  We have our own meta package for 
> development and desktop machines which I am installing after setup.

To do that you only need to install a package containing the tasks desc
file for the new task.

> If the URL in preseed/url isn't found, could a dialog ask for a different 
> url to try?  Maybe ask for a URL if it's set to ask or blank?

Maybe, but does this really buy us anything worth the extra work and
space use?

see shy jo

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