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Re: release update and branching

* Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> [2004-11-18 01:44]:
> Uploading post-sarge udebs to unstable seems like the best of these
> alternatives to me. Especially if we're sure that after rc2, d-i updates
> for sarge will be limited to security fixes, fixes for any base system
> breakage, and maybe discover1-data updates. We often only find out about
> significant problems in a release a week after it's released though, so
> if we go this route, I think we should hold off on uploading post-sarge
> udebs to unstable until at least a week after the rc2 release.

Just for the record, we'll need one more round of 2.4 kernel updates
after rc2 because there are several new kernel vulnerabilities which
haven't been fixed yet.  Let's CC Horms to again ask what the status
of this is (I'm thinking of Alan Cox's fixes plus the recent ELF
Martin Michlmayr

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