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Re: Estonians needed?

Quoting rhett (rhett@hot.ee):
> Good Day,
> I heard that you guys have some trouble translating your texts to Estonian. Well, I am from Estonia and to some extent I can help you translate the necessary materials. I have some previous experience as well. 
> Please let me know what needs to be done and if you have a schedule for the project, please share it with me. I 

Siim Põder <windo@windowlicker.dyn.ee> just volunteered yesterday for
helping in translation. As having two people is far better than one, I
guess that the best is that you coordinated with him and talk together
in order to share the workload, for instance (one working on leve1,
the other one onn level2).

As mentioned to Siim, the list of supported languages is currently
closed until the next release. So, work on Estonian is aimed at the
N+1 release of Debian Installer....for which no schedule has bene made

Please stay in touch with us....maybe subscribe to
debian-boot@lists.debian.org so that the contact may be easier.... and
talk with Siim.

Thank you, by the way, to the person who apparently forwarded my call
for Estonian translators in some local list of Estonian people..:-)

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