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Bug#281530: [s390] Installation successful, some issues

On Wednesday 17 November 2004 22:51, Adam Thornton wrote:
> OK.  Why "debconf/priority=medium", though?

I can think of two reasons.

The first is personal preference.
I can imagine that installing a system like a s390 is not something you do 
every day. I think prio=medium gives you just that little bit extra 
insight of how the installation process is structured and control over 
'what happens next'.

The second could be important for installs over SSH.
After you switch from console to SSH, the original install on console 
stays running. If you are in a prio=high install, and you would later 
(accidentally) hit enter on console (in the screen that shows the SSH 
key), the installer would automatically run the next step(s), which 
you've possibly/probably already run over SSH, possibly breaking the 
If you are running at prio=medium, you would be returned to the menu and 
at least the next step would not be run automatically (although it's 
possible that the cdebconf database could still be corrupted as detailed 
elsewhere in this report).

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