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Bug#281645: installation-reports: OOo installation failed

Kenshi Muto wrote:
> Machine: AMD64, 1GB memory, 130GB P-ATA HDD, RTL8169 NIC, IEEE1394,
> GeForceFX5200 SVGA.

Were you installing debian unstable i386 on this amd64? I can't tell
from your report.

> The problem is caused by OpenOffice.org dependency problem:
> Hmm, I remember joeyh removed openoffice from desktop selection, but
> tasksel/tasks/desktop in svn remains:
> # openoffice is the best word processor / office suite at the moment
>   openoffice.org-bin

I never removed all of openoffice.org from the desktop task. I don't see
any depenency problems with installs of the desktop task on testing or
unstable, either.

Tasksel includes openoffice-org.bin in the desktop task because this
package is arch all and so will only be available on arches for which
all of openoffice has built. This package in turn depends on
openoffice.org, which depends on openoffice.org-debian-files and

I don't understand what could possibly explain the failure you saw.

> If we want to have openoffice.org, we should have -l10n- packages.
> If we don't want to have -l10n- packages, openoffice.org should be
> removed.

I don't understand what you're trying to say here.

see shy jo

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