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Bug#280811: Successful installation but system lockup very soon (screen frozen, no keyboard)


Thanks for your answer.  I'll forward the description of the major
problem to another list.

> The keyboard was still considered an English one in X (gdm & gnome
> > session) even though I chose the correct type (105 / be) during 
> > installation.  I had to set this value in GConf to make it work as 
> > expected.
> *this* partly pertains to Debian Installer. The localization-config package
> is supposed to pre-configure X keyboard layout based on the locale.
> Which language and country choices did you made ? I guess this was French
> then Belgium, but I need to be sure. I this was English then Belgium...then
> choose French next time..:-)
> If this was French then Belgium, then some tweaking must be done in
> localization-config.

The language and country choices were French and then Belgium indeed.
All menus and windows from gdm and the Gnome session have been correctly 
localized in French from the start.


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