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Bug#280811: Successful installation but system lockup very soon (screen frozen, no keyboard)

> In two words:
> - nearly no problem for installation and configuration,
> - a major problem after a short usage time.

Unfortunately, given the problem description, it does not really
belong to Debian Installer scope. It's very likely to be related to X
as you mentioned....and the D-I team is not really expert for X.

> Here are the details.
> I had to manually configure pppoe because
> - installer did not propose to configure pppoe (only ppp)
> - pppoeconf launched from another virtual console did not work.
> -> edit configuration files in /etc/ppp/ and then pon dsl-provider.
> I have seen these issues earlier in the mailing list.

Yes. Assing pppoe support is a post-sarge issue.

> The X server started with a 800x600 resolution, so I had to run
> dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 again (after installation, thus) to
> select the highest resolution available (1024x768).

Happens often in default installs. This mostly pertains to a more
automatic install of X....again nothing the d-i team can really do with...:-(

> I selected a "desktop environment" during installation, and I'm using
> Gnome.
> Suggestion: allow a finer-grain selection of the graphical environment
> instead of full Gnome + full KDE + many applications:
> - Gnome + gdm
> - KDE + kdm
> or maybe smaller subsets of the Gnome / KDE packages (without games,
> etc.).  Similarly, having both OpenOffice.org suite + Abiword and
> Gnumeric seems a bit strange, IMHO.

Such wish for more granularity in tasks comes quite often. This will
also probably be considered post-sarge. We also need to avoid falling
in too much granularity which would rapidly become unmaintainable.

> The keyboard was still considered an English one in X (gdm & gnome
> session) even though I chose the correct type (105 / be) during
> installation.  I had to set this value in GConf to make it work as
> expected.

*this* partly pertains to Debian Installer. The localization-config
package is supposed to pre-configure X keyboard layout based on the

Which language and country choices did you made ? I guess this was
French then Belgium, but I need to be sure. I this was English then
Belgium...then choose French next time..:-)

If this was French then Belgium, then some tweaking must be done in

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