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Bug#281407: loops forever

Adam Thornton wrote:
> That's odd.  I've seen dasdfmt refuse to touch virgin DASD before--I 
> usually either CMS format it, or use ICKDSF to format the first track 
> of it--but in that case a manual dasdfmt would also fail.  And if you 
> created your DASD with Hercules dasdinit, then it should already have a 
> CDL-compatible format on it (since dasdinit does z/OS formatting).  
> Still, let's try a manual initialization with ICKDSF and see if 
> anything changes.  I believe that ickdsf.ipl is shipped with Hercules.
> Note: the following procedure will *destroy* your 120 disk; you may 
> want to try it on a new volume rather than anything you've put time 
> into.

Since I've found and I think fixed the loop, I have not tried this
procedure yet. However I don't know why everyone hasn't been seeing the
loop, I assume I'm hitting some unusual case in s390-dasd.

> Then at the herc console, type STOP, and then IPL 000C (btw: cool!  I 
> always used TDF for herc installs; it's nice to know that Hercules will 
> do card reader IPLs too!).

Can you give me the recipe for booting d-i from tape in hercules?

> I'm testing this myself, but on a dual-processer P3-833 that's already 
> running a lot of work, it may take me a while.

Yeah, that's my situation, I'm installing debian, so I can build, test,
and release my s390-dasd loop fix.

see shy jo

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