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partman-auto limitations on sparc

On sparc, partman-auto can only partition existing free space, it's not
capable of repartitioning a whole disk. Indeed, it does not even present
that as an option, and if it's preseeded to partition a whole disk
anyway, we see why:

/bin/perform_recipe: IN: NEW_PARTITION =dev=ide=host0=bus0=target1=lun0=disc primary ext3 0-4303272959 beginning 100000001
parted_server: OUT: Can't have the end before the start!

So, what's the story behind this, and can it be fixed? It makes it hard
to do useful preseeded automatic installs, and so it's blocking me from
automated sparc install testing. I can work around that by writing an
expect script to drive partman (creating a new partition table on the
device and then partitioing its newly free space seems to work), or I can
try to fix partman, whichever is easier. :-)

see shy jo

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