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Re: local base-installer is ignored

|--==> Joey Hess writes:

  >>How do you fix this?

  JH> AFAIK anna does not look in local, only main. Though the changelog for
  JH> version 0.008 makes me wonder if it did before. This would probably need
  JH> to be fixed in both anna and the retreivers and the retreiver protocol,
  JH> though it might be possible to just hack local support into
  JH> cdrom-retreiver and make it return a combined Packages file to anna.

It seems that cdrom-retriever does care about both main and local:

        components="`grep ^Components: $Release | cut -d' ' -f2-`"
        for comp in $components; do

and my debian-cd generated Release file is ok (both main and local are

The strange thing is that I know for sure that it was possible to load
home made  udebs from  the  local component   (that's what I  did  for
A/DeMuDi 1.2.0, but I do not need extra udebs  anymore), and I believe
it's  still possible to   do it. I don't  understand  why this doesn't
apply to the base-installer udeb too..

Anyway the  simplest thing is  that  #254996 gets fixed, is  there any
chance to get it into Sarge? I can work on it, just tell what approach
should implement.



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