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Re: SATA don't inicialize

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 16:40:02 -0400, Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
> Panquekas wrote:
> > I used KNOPPIX that is Debian Based but the knoppix use an emulation
> > of SCSI for my SATA drive.. and the module was ide_scsi but I'll
> > prossed to further information.
> The ide-scsi module is not in itself capable of driving your hardware.
> There must be a regular ide module loaded that is controlling the drive,
> and ide-scsi layered on top of that, for whatever reason.
> --
> see shy jo

Sorry if my reply took so long but I'm not having much time.. But
anyway I take a break and see the KNOPPIX lsmod again and I discovered
that KNOPPIX use ataraid to detect my drive then I searched for
information and I found this:


"Driver Overview: Linux kernels have two ATA ("IDE") driver sets:


      "drivers/ide": This is the traditional ATA driver set,
maintained by Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (before that, Andre Hedrick).
Contrary to popular belief, it includes low-level drivers for many
common SATA chipsets.

      Optionally, on top of drivers/ide block-device (generic mass
storage access) drivers, one can load drivers to provide
software-level suport for BIOS services enabling various types of
manufacturer-specific software RAID (called "fakeraid", below):

            For 2.4 kernels, Linux's software-RAID (fakeraid) driver
collection is called "ataraid", which has subdrivers for the various
manufacturers' different software RAID schemes. Using ataraid results
in your partitions being addressed using a /dev/ataraid/d0p1 (etc.)
device-naming convention. Note: Support greatly improved circa-2.4.23.

            For 2.6 kernels, Linux's software-RAID (fakeraid) driver
collection is called "dmraid" (Device Mapper RAID). So far (Sept
2004), Promise Fasttrack, Highpoint 37X, Intel ICH5/6, LSI, and SiI
3112A/Medley are supported:

      I'm pretty sure manufacturers' proprietary drivers, where
available, are designed to fit the above framework.

      "libata": This is the newer ATA driver set for selected SATA
chipsets only, maintained by Jeff Garzik, leveraging the kernel's
well-tested SCSI layer. Garzik developed it in the 2.6 kernel series.
2.4 support was available only with a backported patch until libata's
inclusion in 2.4.27.

      libata causes each SATA port appear as a new SCSI bus. There are
individual low-level drivers for the individual SATA chipsets, e.g.,
ata_piix, sata_promise, sata_sil, sata_sx4, sata_svw, sata_via,

But like Colin Watson said:

"discover1-data (1.2004.02.08-7) unstable; urgency=low

 * Gaudenz Steinlin
   - Use ata_piix module for 82801EB (ICH5) Serial ATA 150
     Storage Controller (808624d1); (Closes: #250310, #249633)

I tried to find info too.. and comes out something like this..


Intel ICH5 / ICH5-R family — supported in 2.4.22 and later kernels
using drivers/ide's piix driver (but that driver locks up in many
cases), and also (much more reliably) in libata's ata_piix driver,
which is now (2004-02-25) of production quality. Fakeraid. (See
fakeraid support details under Intel ICH6.)

Intel ICH6 / ICH6-R / ICH6-M family — libata's ata_piix driver support
is now (2004-02-25) functional when the ICH6 is running in either
ICH5-alike mode or (on ICH6-R or ICH6-M) the enhanced, much-faster,
open-specification "AHCI" mode, as of 2004-07-08. Technology-preview
AHCI driver available starting 2.4.29-preX and 2.6.9-rcX. AHCI mode
supports hotplug, per-device queues, and port multiplier. Fakeraid.

Intel ICH5R, ICH6R, and perhaps some others perform RAID0
disk-spanning via a BIOS trick, which is thus OS-independent. That
mode of Intel fakeraid (Intel Software RAID) can be supported in 2.4.x
on ICH5/6 with ataraid subdriver iswraid atop libata's ata_piix (not
atop drivers/ide):
http://www.kerneltraffic.org/kernel-traffic/kt20040331_255.html#16. (I
believe the iswraid patch was merged into kernel 2.4.26.)"

So I ask for to you include the ata_piix or ataraid to give support to
my SATA drive please because without this modules I can't do nothing
with the new installer! :\

Thanks for your patience :)
Oh.. and I'm having red background too.. :)

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