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Re: SATA don't inicialize

Panquekas wrote:
> It says:
> "Linux Kernel modules needed to drive some of your hardware are not
> available yet. Simply proceeding with the install may make these
> modules available later.
> the unvailable modules, and the devices that need them are: i810-tco
> (Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) LPC Bridge), e100 (Intel
> Corporation 82562EZ 10/100 Ethernet Controller), ide-mod (Linux IDE
> driver), ide-probe-mod (Linux IDE probe driver), ide-detect (Linux IDE
> detection), ide-floppy (Linux IDE floppy)"

This warning message has nothing to do with your problem.

> And I can't use my hard drive :\ it's not a good thing.. because I use
> debian more then an year and I never had problem's! Just in the
> beginning in the old installer! but it was user problem not the distro

Perhaps if you tell us what SATA controller you have and provide lspci
and lspci -n output for your system we can see why it's not loading the

see shy jo

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