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[etch] Localechooser first successes

(first try to try establishing a marker for "post-sarge" developments)

I worked a little bit more on localechooser (you'll find it in
/people/bubulle) and now have some working stuff:

-the old behaviour of languagechooser+countrychooser is restored
 all recent changes to both have been merged into localechooser

-one can now change the language several times during the install
 (languagechooser has several bugs around this...we decided to leave
  this to post-sarge)

-the additional prompt about choosing a locale works
 (the concept is grepping the SUPPORTED list with lang_COUNTRY,
  extract all supported locales for this combination and prompt the user
  for the exact locale to be used. The default value is the locale
  determined by languagechooser/countrychooser...the one we would have
  in sarge). This quesiton is medium priority

-preseeding debian-installer/locale skips all language/country/locale
 questions if the given locale is valid. Still udner work but I had
 some successes

-README file rewritten
Some things are left:

-code cleaning:
 - review the Makefile : I hacked it a lot but I'm not a very deep
 - more consistency among the localechooser script (indentation,
   variable references)
 - save some space ?
 - I broke a few strings and translations must be updated. This will
   happen when the package will be moved under packages/

I think that indeed localechooser will be probably ready for being
included immediately after the final sarge release of D-I. It will
certainly break a few things here and there but not enough for killing
the whole early stages of D-I....

At the moment, contributors are welcome for giving it more testing
(it needs to be able to build a netboot ISO and boot it in Vmware or
qemu....just replace the languagechooser line in
installer/build/pkg-lists/common, drop the countrychooser line and put
the udeb in localudebs, then rebuild the netboot ISO).

Some code cleaning contribution may happen also, but good coders
should probably be more focused to bug chasing for the sarge


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