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Debian Installer string freeze status H-12h

(deadline today 16:00 UTC)

Only Welsh is maybe likely to make it. No news from bs, gl, fa.

We will try to use a new upload opportunity for exim4 and get a few
more translations in, which would bump level2 stats.

35 complete languages: 
ar, bg, ca, cs, da, 
de, el, es, eu, fi, 
fr, he, hr, hu, id,
it, ja, ko, lt, nb, 
nl, nn, pl, pt, pt_BR, 
ro, ru, sk, sl, sq, 
sv, tr, uk, zh_CN, 

0 nearly complete (over 95%)

4 in good shape (over 70%)
cy, bs, gl, fa

1 partial
lv (previously reported as "good shape", but "only" 60%)

6 "prospective" (will not be included in the next release)
mk 100%
vi 66%
mg 47%
sr <1%
se 1%
ga 5%

30 complete
1 nearly complete (zh_TW)
3 in good shape (uk, sq, bs)
4 partial (cy, ro, sl, gl)
2 near zero (fa, lv)

The target for the next D-I release is 40 languages plus English. 

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