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Bug#274615: Add CDROM fails due to broken symlink and no error notification

i had a similar problem once when installing sarge on vmware

the vmware system crashed very dirtily during base config (this was nothing
to do with debian it was an external usb hard drive on the windows side that
decided to hang it has done this several times usring other things)

anyway after vmware did its consitancy checks on the virtual disc files i
booted the virtual machine again and got into base config

but i couldn't do any of the apt setup stages

once i realised what the problem was i managed to fix it by following the
instructions in the error but im pretty sure the error was not visible for
long (this was a while ago)

in summary base config needs a waqy to avoid obliterating such output from
child processes

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jason Wies [mailto:jason@xc.net]
> Sent: 03 October 2004 03:05
> To: submit@bugs.debian.org
> Subject: Bug#274615: Add CDROM fails due to broken symlink and no error
> notification
> Package: base-config
> Version: d-i pre-rc2
> During an install of d-i pre-rc2.  The symlink issue may be d-i's
> fault; the error notification is not.  I'll include the symlink issue
> in my installation report, no need to reassign if it's d-i's fault.
> After completing the initial install and rebooting into base-config.
> On the initial apt configuration screen, I chose CDROM.  A message
> stating that the CDROM device could not be found was displayed, along
> with a text field to enter the path to the device ("Enter the
> device...").
> I entered /dev/cdrom and pressed Enter, and was returned to the same
> screen with no change whatsoever.  Repeated about five times, same
> result.
> The problem was that the /cdrom symlink was broken.  The other problem
> was that I was not presented with any indication that there was an
> error, only returned to the same screen.  I was able to read the
> /cdrom symlink error message when it flashed at the bottom of the
> screen for a split second, but that's not good enough.
> About the symlink:
> "mount: /cdrom is a symbolic link to nowhere"
> /cdrom -> media/cdrom
> /media/cdrom -> cdrom0
> 'find /dev -name cdrom0' yielded no results.
> Jason
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