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Bug#274615: Add CDROM fails due to broken symlink and no error notification

Package: base-config

Version: d-i pre-rc2

During an install of d-i pre-rc2.  The symlink issue may be d-i's
fault; the error notification is not.  I'll include the symlink issue
in my installation report, no need to reassign if it's d-i's fault.

After completing the initial install and rebooting into base-config.

On the initial apt configuration screen, I chose CDROM.  A message
stating that the CDROM device could not be found was displayed, along
with a text field to enter the path to the device ("Enter the

I entered /dev/cdrom and pressed Enter, and was returned to the same
screen with no change whatsoever.  Repeated about five times, same

The problem was that the /cdrom symlink was broken.  The other problem
was that I was not presented with any indication that there was an
error, only returned to the same screen.  I was able to read the
/cdrom symlink error message when it flashed at the bottom of the
screen for a split second, but that's not good enough.

About the symlink:

"mount: /cdrom is a symbolic link to nowhere"

/cdrom -> media/cdrom
/media/cdrom -> cdrom0

'find /dev -name cdrom0' yielded no results.


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