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Bug#274615: Add CDROM fails due to broken symlink and no error notification

On Saturday, October 2, 2004, at 11:02 PM, peter green wrote:

once i realised what the problem was i managed to fix it by following the instructions in the error but im pretty sure the error was not visible for
long (this was a while ago)

in summary base config needs a waqy to avoid obliterating such output from
child processes

I'll second that suggestion.

I recently had a problem where the mirror I had chosen had some temporarily broken packages. Task-select would go to a generic error screen and over-write the specific error messages so fast that I had no way of figuring out what the problem was. I finally went poking around in the log files in /var/log til I found some relevant text.

That's not a good or an efficient way to find out what's causing your install to crash!

How about doing what "aptitude" does: print "hit return to continue" before switching to the generic error message screen -- give folks a little time to read what's going on.


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