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Re: Localization-config uploaded, 2 strings for translation

On Δευ 06 Σεπ 2004 10:14, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:

> ^^^^ You mean install time here I guess

yes my mistake.

> There are several situations which might cam around that make it
> useful being in localization-config:
> 1.- The sysadmin has not defined a language on installation and
> thus, doesn't have his language in /etc/environment.
> 2.- The sysadmin is upgrading from a release that did not setup
> /etc/environment

> 3.- A language definition is setup in the system but the sysadmin
> wants to change it (maybe ths system was installed by somebody else
> or he wants to change es_ES@ISO-8869-1 to es_ES@euro for example)

All three of these situations would be resolved by just running 
dpkg-reconfigure locales. 

> There is no harm in modifying /etc/environment even though d-i
> might have setup it up correctly.

Perhaps it won't do harm re-setting it, but setting of this variable 
is the responsibility of the locales package and it should be off 
limits for other packages.

> Locale-purge will remove all locales from packages installed in the
> system except for the ones defined in that file. If you are setting
> a language system-wide and you have locale-purge installed you
> probably only want that locale in your system. There's no sense in
> having all languages Debian is translated for in, for example, a
> Norwegian school system that is going to be used only by Norwegian
> users which will probably not change their language to 'fr' :-)

Hm, this is not something very common, but we could include such a 
configuration, after all the scripts don't do anything unless the 
package is installed.

> > > - /etc/texmf/language.dat is not modified (for TeX/LaTeX
> > > hyphenation rules and some other things)
> >
> > Doesn't tetex configure this itself? If not, and if there are no
> > immediate plans to do so, we can include such a script in l-c.
> I believe it does not, it's been a while since I've seen it.

Ok then, and IIRC tetex uses debconf for configuration so we might not 
have so much to do afterall.

> > > - /etc/inputrc is not modified (need to use non-ASCII
> > > characteres in console)
> >
> > I don't know about that I had the impression that it's configured
> > elsewhere.

Ok, after a short discussion on irc, i was told that this is a 
conffile, belonging to base-files and must *in no way* be touched by 
an external package. If there is dire need it might be made a plain 
config file, but this late in the release cycle, i doubt that can be 

> AFAIK nothing configures that file for non-ASCII languages. And it
> is sometimes a pain in the ass to not being able to type accented
> characters in console (for example, using vi)

I'm afraid we have to leave this for now, if you manage to convince 
the maintainer then it's ok.

> Mozilla should be rather easy, IIRC, just modifying
> /etc/mozilla/prefs.js would do.


> Keymaps for languages can be configured through debconf in
> console-common, it would be best if that was pre-seed by
> localization-config if it's going to be used in d-i

not really, console-data is run much earlier than localization-config 
and it's setup is far more complex than just adding a script. The 
intent is to make both console-* and X more compatible in some way, 
but that will be definitely post-sarge.

> If time permits I will prepare patches, since I don't have CVS
> access I will not commit them directly and, actually, I don't want
> to do so before they are peer-reviewed. Which list should I sent
> patches to? Should I send them to the BTS?

Yes, a bug report would be nice. Come to think of it perhaps a mail to 
-i18n (you're right perhaps it's more appropriate) would be nice as 


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