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Re: Localization-config uploaded, 2 strings for translation

On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 02:40:38AM +0300, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:
> (CCing d-boot as I want to make sure I have not misunderstood 
> anything)

[ Maybe d-i18n is a more appropiate forum, I will not add it to CC: however ]

> > - /etc/environment is not modified
> this is not supposed to be configured in l-c, it's configured at boot 
You mean install time here I guess

> time by d-i/base-config. I don't think we should touch this.

There are several situations which might cam around that make it useful 
being in localization-config:

1.- The sysadmin has not defined a language on installation and thus,
doesn't have his language in /etc/environment.

2.- The sysadmin is upgrading from a release that did not setup 

3.- A language definition is setup in the system but the sysadmin wants 
to change it (maybe ths system was installed by somebody else or he wants 
to change es_ES@ISO-8869-1 to es_ES@euro for example)

There is no harm in modifying /etc/environment even though d-i might have 
setup it up correctly.

> > - /etc/locale.nopurge is not modified (for locale-purge)
> I have no idea about this one.

Locale-purge will remove all locales from packages installed in the system 
except for the ones defined in that file. If you are setting a language 
system-wide and you have locale-purge installed you probably only want that 
locale in your system. There's no sense in having all languages Debian is 
translated for in, for example, a Norwegian school system that is going to 
be used only by Norwegian users which will probably not change their 
language to 'fr' :-)

> > - /etc/texmf/language.dat is not modified (for TeX/LaTeX
> > hyphenation rules and some other things)
> Doesn't tetex configure this itself? If not, and if there are no 
> immediate plans to do so, we can include such a script in l-c.

I believe it does not, it's been a while since I've seen it.

> > - /etc/inputrc is not modified (need to use non-ASCII characteres
> > in console)
> I don't know about that I had the impression that it's configured 
> elsewhere.

AFAIK nothing configures that file for non-ASCII languages. And it is 
sometimes a pain in the ass to not being able to type accented characters 
in console (for example, using vi)

> > - /etc/latex2html.config is not modified  (for LaTeX generation
> > code)
> > - Mozilla's preferences are not modified 
> > (general.useragent.locale, intl.accept_languages and
> > intl.font_charset
> Ok, we can do both (actually I already wanted to do mozilla).

Mozilla should be rather easy, IIRC, just modifying /etc/mozilla/prefs.js 
would do.

> > - The keymap for console is not installed
> This is a matter of the console-* packages not l-c. 

Keymaps for languages can be configured through debconf in console-common, 
it would be best if that was pre-seed by localization-config if it's going 
to be used in d-i

> > Maybe some of those changers are spanish specific but I will take a
> > look at how I can integrate them in localization-config...
> Feel free to prepare a patch. Mind you, there are many ready routines 
> to add/set a variable in a configuration file and it would be best to 
> use what is already there. Please let me know before you commit your 
> patches.

If time permits I will prepare patches, since I don't have CVS access I 
will not commit them directly and, actually, I don't want to do so before 
they are peer-reviewed. Which list should I sent patches to? Should I send 
them to the BTS?



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