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Bug#269529: OldWorld pmac installation -- several problems

Rick Thomas wrote:
> Joey Hess wrote:
> > 
> > Rick Thomas wrote:
> > >       http://rcthomas.org:7879/~rbthomas/logfiles/install-6500/
> > Permissions prevent me from reading the syslog.
> Fixed.  Sorry!

From what I can see, it tried to load floppy.o which failed (I'm not
sure why), then tried to load ide-floppy, which succeeded, and later
attempts to load floppy.o failed since ide-floppy had registered block
major 2. I doubt that ide-floppy is really the right driver for the
floppy; I'm suprised it was available or even loaded. 

I don't know if the timestamp is a red herring or not. The floppy module
was on the initrd that you booted, whether it matches the rest of the
modules on that initrd, I don't know.

see shy jo

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