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Bug#269529: OldWorld pmac installation -- several problems

Rick Thomas wrote:
> Joey Hess wrote:
> > 
> > > Note 6:
> > >
> > > Prior to the reboot, I tried to "Save debug logs" to a floppy disk.
> > > It failed because "No floppy device was found".  The oldworld Macs all
> > > use the "swim3" floppy controller.
> > 
> > Do you know if the floppy module is supposed to support this controller?
> The eventually installed 2.6.7 system can access the floppy drive (read
> and write, eject, sense the write-protect tab, etc)  so the Mac floppy
> controller *is* supported by *something* in the 2.6.7 kernel/modules suite.
> On the installed system (after the reboot), the date on the "floppy.ko"
> module is reasonable (Aug 5 18:32 -- exactly the same as all the other
> modules in that directory).  Is that a clue?

I don't know. If you could compare md5sums or something that might help.
Can you mail the /var/log/debian-installer/syslog and messages to this
bug report?

see shy jo

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