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Re: localization-config uploaded (former locale-config-skolelinux)

On Πεμ 19 Αυγ 2004 18:07, Kenshi Muto wrote:
> I checked out from anonymous CVS and found my previous report was
> already merged, thanks! :-)

I still have a few more changes to upload, but I'm not at home right 
now, I'm in Athens to watch the Olympics and I can't use CVS because 
of the restrictive firewall here. I'll have to login elsewhere to do 
it :-)

> 1. What do you have a plan of this package for Sarge?
>    This is official localization setup tool for Sarge and is
> launched from base-config or something?

Well I don't know about "official" though it seems like a nice 
candidate to do localization work. The plan is to have it call from 
base-config, and I'll write the hook scripts once I find some time to 
do it :-)

> 2. xfree86-kbd preseeding won't work if xserver-xfree86 isn't
>    installed, because there is no templates value.
>    By running update-localization -p after xserver-xfree86 is
> installed value will be changed, but it needs to run
> 'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86' to write configuration file.

Well, the debconf preseeding takes place regardless of the package 
being installed. When the package _does_ get installed however, it 
reads the debconf values and depending on the priority of debconf 
questions, prompts the user for changes or just uses the values. With 
priority set to high, it would go on automatic.
Debconf is really a nice system :-)


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