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Re: localization-config uploaded (former locale-config-skolelinux)


At 15 Aug 04 21:25:02 GMT,
Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:
> http://people.debian.org/~markos/localization-config/
> Main changes:
> 1) update-locale-config has 2 modes of operation:
>   pre-install and post-install. If -p command line option is used, it
>   calls the pre-install scripts, otherwise (default) it calls the
>   post-install scripts. Pre-install are the scripts which do debconf
>   preseeding, while post-install are those which are called AFTER
>   the package installation but before debian-installer exits to the
>   login prompt.

>   In particular I'd like people esp. with non-latin locales that need
>   keyboard switching in X (like Greek does) to check the xfree86-kbd
>   scripts. If there are changes that need to be made, feel free to
>   send me a mail with suggestions or even better a patch.

I checked out from anonymous CVS and found my previous report was
already merged, thanks! :-)

BTW I have a question.

1. What do you have a plan of this package for Sarge?
   This is official localization setup tool for Sarge and is launched
   from base-config or something?

2. xfree86-kbd preseeding won't work if xserver-xfree86 isn't
   installed, because there is no templates value.
   By running update-localization -p after xserver-xfree86 is installed
   value will be changed, but it needs to run 'dpkg-reconfigure
   xserver-xfree86' to write configuration file.

Do I misunderstand?

Kenshi Muto

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