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localization-config uploaded (former locale-config-skolelinux)

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Hi all, 
  I have just uploaded to ftp-master the localization-config package, 
which is an slightly redesigned version of locale-config-skolelinux, 
so that it is able to work with sarge as well as woody (and of course 
future releases).

  For those impatient you can find it at


Main changes:
1) update-locale-config has 2 modes of operation:
  pre-install and post-install. If -p command line option is used, it
  calls the pre-install scripts, otherwise (default) it calls the
  post-install scripts. Pre-install are the scripts which do debconf
  preseeding, while post-install are those which are called AFTER
  the package installation but before debian-installer exits to the
  login prompt.
2) Version maps used for the packages.
  Three methods are used to find out the version of a package and
  thus the appropriate script to call.
  a. If the package is installed we compare its version to the one in
      the version map and accordingly call the correct script.
  b. If the package is available through the APT repository, we use
      this version instead.
  c. If the package is not available at all, we use the
      /etc/debian_version as fallback. This should not happen often,
      but it might be useful for some package whose debconf values
      we need to preseed and APT knows nothing about. I haven't found
      such a case though.
3) I tried to make the scripts as modular as I could, though I am sure
    there is much room for improvement. Some common subroutines, I
    have put in /usr/lib/localization-config/common/
4) Please, please check the configuration values for each package
  for your locale entry. Although I have tried to be as careful as I
  could and follow some guidelines set by the skolelinux scripts,
  it is possible that I overlooked something.
  In particular I'd like people esp. with non-latin locales that need
  keyboard switching in X (like Greek does) to check the xfree86-kbd
  scripts. If there are changes that need to be made, feel free to
  send me a mail with suggestions or even better a patch.
5) I have documented the code thoroughly so it should be easy to
  follow. As it is, it is quite easy to write more scripts for other
  packages that need localization configuration (eg. database
  encoding configurations?)
6) The whole package building has been revamped to use debhelper, so 
  this means there is no need for a Makefile, to install the software.
  Also, due to the use of Apt::Perl for the package information
  routines, a dependency to libapt-pkg-perl has been added.
7) I don't speak troff, so I have not updated the man page, if anyone
  is kind enough... :-)

Comments, suggestions of course welcome.


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