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Re: localization-config uploaded (former locale-config-skolelinux)

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On Sunday 15 August 2004 23:25, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:
> 4) Please, please check the configuration values for each package
>   for your locale entry.

I have taken a quick look at the scripts for nl_NL and I have a couple of 

- - The test is for nl_NL@euro.
  However, d-i currently does not (yet) set the locale to nl_NL@euro, but
  to nl_NL. Do the tests still work in that case?
  I think the same goes for other euro countries.

- - For xfree86-kbd the LAYOUT is set to 'nl'.
  This looks to me to be a real problem as most keyboards in the Netherlands
  have a "US Intl." keyboard layout. Only a minority have the Dutch layout.
  In fact, the default in kbd-chooser is the US layout for NL.
  So IMHO there should be a test of the keyboard layout based on the layout
  already selected by the user in kbd-chooser and not a straight test based
  on location.
  If a choice _must_ be made, I'd prefer the default to be 'us'!

- - Setting value for dictionaries-common to 'nederlands (Dutch)' and for
  ispell to 'dutch' is only OK if package idutch is installed.
  How is that guaranteed?

- - One of the strengths of D-I IMHO if that it is very easy to install a
  system that has English as main language but Netherlands as country,
  and thus has correct defaults for e.g. timezone and mirror.
  I would not like to loose that.

I'm not sure how valid these comments are as I only have a very rough 
understanding of how this package would be used.

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