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Re: question of aptitude with important/standard

Kenshi Muto wrote:
> I don't decide this is a bug or a specification.
> tasksel in base-config is launched by 'tasksel -ris --new-install'.
> Each options mean to "install required,important and standard packages".
> Then aptitude is called from tasksel internally,
> 'aptitude --without-recommends -y install ~prequired ~pimportant ~pstandard'
> I assume this would install all required/important/standard packages,
> but aptitude will only try to upgrade these packages instead of installing
> additional standard packages.

Hmm, I had expected this would make it install _all_ standard packages,
but indeed if I remove w3m the command does not install it back. Why
does this behave differently than installing ~t, which installs new
packages in the task? I could work around it in tasksel by listing all
the packages, but this seems like a bug in aptitude, perhaps.

see shy jo

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