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Re: release status

>> Since the most oldworld use scsi to boot it is very important that this
>> works.
>> Maybe 2.4 should be the standard for oldworld macs since I have a lot of
>> problems getting a 2.6 kernel to work with quik.
> 2.4 is the default for the miboot oldworld floppies, which are the default
> oldworld install. The bootx one depending on a non-free OS cannot be
> recomended by debian.

I today tested the boot-floppies but miboot is gone there is only a hfs disk
with vmlinux file. I booted via openfirmware and got: unrecognized Client
Programm formatstate not valid. So it is not possible for me to boot the
installer from floppy.

The only thing that works well is di(2.4 kernel) with BootX here on my Umax

Thanks chris

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